From start to finish, the entire process with LFHP was smooth sailing. From the pre-production planning phase, to the onsite filming and capturing of crucial footage, to the editing and post-production, they were focused on the client ññ often going above and beyond to ensure our needs were not only met, but exceeded. We had some very specific requirements and requests, often venturing into ideas and territory that were outside the lines of the typical video production methods. LFHP didnít see this as a roadblock or attempt to reign the process in, but as an opportunity to expand the creative process and provide the best possible solution for all involved. The end result was a series of testimonials and promotional videos that have already shown us significant results in our sales and marketing initiatives. LFHP provided us with exactly what we had envisioned from the outset; from a customerís perspective it doesnít get any better than that.

The Effectiveness of TouchMath
TouchMath Professional Development

I am very proud of the relationship CEC has forged with LFHP over the last few years. Robert and his team have helped us produce pieces that are of great value to the organization: commercials about membership and specific programs, B-roll footage of award ceremonies to distribute to the media, and most recently, testimonial clips to promote our annual convention.

Robert is flexible and knowledgeable, and always provides quick turnaround. He is always brainstorming ways to make our videos work harder for us, to nudge us out of our comfort zone. He really has the client’s best interest at heart.

Council for Exceptional Children
Marketing/Public Relations Video Production

“When we decided to add the recently completed MIMA facilities to our virtual tour library, we did not hesitate to call on LFHP. Robert was responsive and extremely detailed in the facility shoots to ensure the best possible views, skylines and lighting to showcase MIMA Gateway and MIMA Malabar in Melbourne, Florida. If we expand our virtual tour library again in the future, LFHP will be the first call I make.”

Cogdell Spencer ERDMAN
Testimonials/Virtual Tours
‘MIMA Gateway’ – Melbourne, FL
‘MIMA Malabar’ – Malabar, FL

“It’s great working with a company that have the qualities most of us need for any project: knowledge, efficiency, and superb work! Call them up and they are ready!”

Ripley’s Entertainment Inc.
Broadcast Ready Press Release/V-Pitch
(Downloadable B-Roll Assets Encoding and Programming)


“LFHP was instrumental in assisting us with quickly putting together B-Roll footage of the annual Morgan & Friends Fight Breast Cancer Tournament held at St. Andrews Country Club. Robert was terrific in creating a package for us that not only included the B-Roll footage but additional video of our Club facilities that we can use in future projects. He has a great eye for detail and is intent on making sure his clients are happy with the final product.”

St. Andrews Country Club
Morgan & Friends Third Annual Fight Cancer Tournament B-Roll


“As always I am very pleased with the work created by LFHP.  They were responsive, patient and creative– the end result is beautiful signage we can all be proud of!”

Center for Human Reproduction
North Shore University Hospital


“Thanks again for all your effort.  It’s much appreciated.   We’re proud of what we’ve done together.”

“I must admit, when I hired LFHP for a challenging viral video project I was a little nervous.  It had nothing to do with their portfolio (which is impressive).  I had actually responded to his cold-call email which was caught in my quarantine.   There wasn’t any room for error given our timing and budget.  So I was worried about working with someone I’ve only met through a random email.”

“But the minute we started filming our project, I was at ease.  It was clear our project was in very capable hands.  Robert (LFHP’s Creative Director) is an all-in-one talent.  They handled all the lighting, filming, directing, editing, and on some occasions, entertainment for a long day of shooting.  I highly recommend their services and can honestly say we will use LFHP again on future video projects.”

Travel Beyond
Viral Video


“LFHP is a pleasure to work with. It’s not often that you can find a company that brings creativity, dependability and efficiency at the same time, but LFHP has been able to do it each and every time. I highly recommend working with them!”

Media Highlights


“LFHP is fantastic! Their professionalism, organization and personal touches resulted in one of the Academy’s best highlights videos. They personalized the music, were flexible in our scheduling and were able to complete the production on time. LFHP captured every requested segment from the clips we provided. It was the perfect length, yet nothing was missed. Working with them was a pleasure and we will consider LFHP for future projects. Thank you for your wonderful service and awesome job!”

American Academy of Dermatology
2008 Media Highlights


“LFHP was extremely responsive to all our requests and created the highlights reel for us in a very brief time.  Both our agency and our clients were wowed by the final result of the highlights reel.  We needed to fit a lot into a brief highlights reel without it being overwhelming and LFHP helped us achieve that! We were most impressed with the graphics in the highlights reel and the responsiveness of LFHP.  Keep up the good work! “

Campaign Highlights