Travel Beyond

Thanks again for all your effort.  It’s much appreciated.   We’re proud of what we’ve done together. 

 I must admit, when I hired LFHP for a challenging viral video project I was a little nervous.  It had nothing to do with their portfolio (which is impressive).  I had actually responded to his cold-call email which was caught in my quarantine.   There wasn’t any room for error given our timing and budget.  So I was worried about working with someone I’ve only met through a random email. 

But the minute we started filming our project, I was at ease.  It was clear our project was in very capable hands.  Robert (LFHP’s Creative Director) is an all-in-one talent.  They handled all the lighting, filming, directing, editing, and on some occasions, entertainment for a long day of shooting.  I highly recommend their services and can honestly say we will use LFHP again on future video projects.