• Advertising
    Taking your product to the masses, let us help you to create plan to reach your customers. Through the areas of print, on-line, broadcast and film, let our experience guide your efforts to obtain the most for your marketing budget.
  • Marketing Collateral
    Marketing collateral provides a clear and detailed way of communicating benefits of products and services to potential customers. The information must instill confidence; graphics should entice the purchaser to request more information.
    Brochure  |  Signs  |  Visual Aids  |  Web Content  |  White Papers  |  Posters  |  Business Cards  |  Letterhead  |  Sales Presentations
  • Direct Mail/E-Mail Campaign
    Direct Mail touches people every day, it’s targeted and personal.   From letters to postcards to brochures, there is a large variety of inexpensive and easy formats we can use to create your direct mail campaign. LFHP can help determine exactly how a Direct Mail Program can help in growing your customer base; finding how to build and maintain an effective mailing list for all your programs; and assisting you in the designing and printing of a professional-looking mail piece. We will also provide advice on the most budget-efficient ways to deliver your message.
  • Marketing Campaign
    Coordinating your efforts will provide more efficiency and transparency. This will ultimately reveal itself to the audience you are seeking. A multi-pronged approach will insure your efforts and reduce redundancy creating less overhead to the bottom line. ROI is our goal when providing consultation and services. We can provide your company with all of the necessary step and execution of campaign though means of print, on-line, television.
  • Promotional Video
    Providing visual representation of products and services is crucial to give your customer the most information. Showing how a solution works is sometimes the best way to explain why it is needed. Displaying facts and figure in an appealing way is vital to keep your audience’s attention. We can tailor your message and visuals so that your company or organization can create the best first impression.

    We can provide on-location production and post production throughout the United States. Additional services include 3D modeling, animation of products. This content can be delivered on a plethora of formats this includes but not limited to:

    HD (High Definition)  |  SD (Standard Definition)  |  Web Deliverables
    |  Blu-Ray  |  DVD  |  USB Drive  |  BetaSP  |  DVCam  |  P2  |  HDV

  • Promotional Poster
    Using the latest techniques and software, we can create a stunning visual that will demand attention. When you need to attract eyes to your product or service count on our graphics and placement for the best results.
  • Print
    The biggest question in this industry is “how do we make our information stand-out”. Through years of concentrating on what works and does not work, we can confidently advise where advertising dollars would be suitable for your company’s product or service.
  • Web-Site
    Design / Development / Maintenance
    Here are three reasons why we can provide a higher level of understanding of making your website successful.

    + Design: Branding of your product or service becomes very crucial when deploying your company / organization on an internet environment.

    + Development: Developing an easy to use and yet informative space where customers can navigate quickly and efficiently.

    + Maintenance: Staying timely and relevant will keep people re-visiting your site to stay current, providing take-away information is key for retention.