TouchMath - TouchMath All-Access

Check out our all-new video series, TouchMath All-Access! The videos feature educator testimonials, insider TouchMath information, a behind-the-scenes look at our Professional Development trainings, and more! It’s your chance to get an exclusive look at what your peers are saying about the program. See fellow administrators, teachers, trainers, and TouchMath experts share best practices, success stories, and discuss what makes TouchMath so unique and effective.

Rhonda Bachmann – District Program Specialist

Kitt Kelleher – District Program Specialist

Michael Soria – Executive Director of Education

Debbie King – Intervention Specialist

Ashleigh Davis – 2nd Grade Special Education Teacher

John Howk – Teacher for Cognitively Impaired Students

TouchMath - TouchMath Professional Development

TouchMath has trained educators and administrators in thousands of school districts around the world. The hands-on professional development seminars are fun, interactive, educational, and definitive proof that TouchMath really does make a difference. There is a direct relationship between the strategies educators receive at a TouchMath seminar and the impact on teacher behavior and student learning of math. Watch this video to learn more.
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TouchMath - The Effectiveness of TouchMath

What is TouchMath? Why is it so unique and effective? Watch this video to see how TouchMath truly makes a difference for districts, educators, and students!
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