Public Relations

  • B-Roll
    Whether it is telling a story or being requested by news stations, be sure we can produce compelling visuals that are relevant to your brand. Keep it current with advancements in your company and organization.
  • Corporate Video
    From achievements to goals not yet met bring your staff on-line with an upbeat message to gain more productivity. With stunning graphics and engaging content that will motivate people within your organization to take notice and step-up to challenges or rejoice on the efforts they have put fourth.
  • Video News Releases
    When you want to deliver a message about a new finding, product, or any multitude of focused newsworthy messages that will be sent to local or national news outlets. This helps your audience get a direct comprehensive news release straight from your communications department to effectively deliver your message.
  • Testimonials
    The best way to judge if a product or membership is right for you is to get an idea about it from the people that are using it. This creates confidence in your brand.
  • Education
    The more your audience knows creates efficiency within work places and a common knowledge base. With external communications this puts across a thoughtful position of caring for your customer that goes above and beyond the realm of normal business.
  • Public Service Announcements
    Create awareness through traditional and technological means to spread the awareness about an issue that affects your audience.
  • Survey
    Surveys can provide data and reflect overall opinions to topics. LFHP can create, and administer surveys to shed new light on subject matters that are newsworthy. There are many reasons why surveys are beneficial for marketing and communications efforts. Let us provide you with possible ideas to achieve the best results.